​With the support of video technology, many businesses are able to continue interviewing during the government lockdown period, hiring for the roles that are necessary for the future of the business, when things begin to return to normal.

Most of you are already tech savvy using video tech like FaceTime or Whats App – however it’s important to remember this is an interview, an opportunity to sell yourself to your potential future employer, this is not a catch up with your mate about what happened last Friday night.

Sasha Mason, EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager shares some of her top tips for a successful video interview:


Make sure you know who is calling who and ensure you both have each other’s contact details. You should login before the interview is due to start and be ready to go. This is an interview and the same rules apply on research; study the job specification, prepare answers to potential questions that will demonstrate relevant experience, research the business and research the profile of the interviewer. 

Professional setting 

Make sure you're set up in an environment that is comfortable and professional. Sit at a desk/table in a comfortable chair (remember most interviews last for about an hour, if not more!) with your laptop/computer/iPad. This set up will allow you to have better posture so you can project your voice and allow you to demonstrate good body language.

Give this set up a try before the interview, this gives you the opportunity to get used to seeing yourself on video and allows you to make sure the the camera angle shows your head and shoulders clearly - no one wants to see your double chin!

If you have headphones this is an added plus as it prevents any background noise and your voice will be heard clearly.

Get rid of the parents

So you have done all your preparation, you feel confident, you have set up your interview station, you are halfway through your interview and it’s going great... then in walks your mum asking, "What would you like for lunch?" You shake your head or try and make some subtle hand movements for her to leave the room. You are now distracted and embarrassed and mum now walks out the room muttering, "you should have told us you were busy", which you should have.

Give your parents a heads up that you need an hour to ace this interview, with no distractions.


COVID-19 will be discussed at some point during your interview as most businesses will not be currently hiring due to the changes in circumstances but for the future, when things begin to return to complete business as usual.

Hiring Managers want to hear about your education, your experience and what you value you can add to the business. 

If the interviewer poses a question with multiple parts, use your notepad to jot down short notes. Be careful not to miss the point of the question or worse, the point of your answer!


This is your time to shine, showcase all that in-depth research you did to prepare for the interview and give them good insight into what you have found out and show them how interested you are in the role. 

This is the time to ask them if they have any concerns, if there is anything else they would like to know and if they can give you any immediate feedback.

If they can't give you any feedback straightaway, confirm the timelines with them so you know when to expect a response and confirm the next stages of the process so you can be prepared and keep your diary free for the callback. 

End with an enthusiastic and strong statement about your interest in the role, opportunity and company - assuming after all this that you are still interested!

If you’re keen to put these top tips into practice, get in touch, we are currently interviewing graduates to join us at Spencer Ogden this summer. 

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