​Tomorrow is World Mental Health Day, a day that is recognised by the World Health Organisation on the 10th October every year. 

This year’s World Mental Health Day comes towards the end of a year, where all of our daily lives have changed considerably due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020 has brought many challenges, and as a result this year’s theme set by the World Federation for Mental Health is “mental health for all”.

Mental health has a close relationship with how you feel about yourself, your immediate surroundings, your work, and how you cope with day-to-day life. Your mental health doesn't always stay the same. It can change as circumstances change and as you move through different stages of our life. We all need to ensure that we are taking good care of our mental health.

Spencer Ogden have recently signed the “Time to Change” employer pledge, an accreditation recognising the positive changes that Spencer Ogden have made internally through initiatives that tackle mental health stigma whilst also promoting workplace wellbeing.

Over the next 12 months, the “Time to Change” pledge will see us continue to build on our commitments to develop and improve wellbeing in the workplace.

At Spencer Ogden, we want to remove the stigma attached to mental health. We are working to create an environment, where people feel comfortable to talk about mental health and know that it’s healthy to know and say how you’re feeling. So, on World Mental Heath Day, some of our senior leaders across the world have volunteered to share internally their personal experiences and some of the challenges they have.

Topics covered