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The Sequence 2 Team in Plant Integration within HPC Engineering Directorate has to ensure that the HPC design is :

  • Delivered with the quality required,
  • Mature enough to build the HPC safety case,
  • Consistent in terms of configuration,
  • Fit for procurement, construction, commissioning and operation.

As a Sequence 2 Engineering Lead , you will be involved in the management of the studies performed by the Responsible Designer (RD, corresponding to Edvance, CNEPE, ITB), for the scope of Nuclear Safety and Licensing activities, so called "Sequence 2" (safety and qualification, fault studies, severe accidents, radiological consequences, probabilistic safety assessments, hazards studies, human factor studies, mechanical structural integrity, environmental Studies, decommissioning studies).

Nature and Scope

The Technical Integration Branch (TIB) in NNB Plant Integration (PI) has to ensure consistent overview of :

  • the safety studies (sequence 2) performed by the Responsible Designer (underpinning references), supporting the intermediate documents and the top tier of the safety case managed by NNB TCO,
  • the integrated design through
  • management of configuration,
  • design + referential change control,
  • design open point management,
  • the data management processes for Engineering.