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11 Monate her

Key Responsibility & Accountability

Cash and Bank Management

  • Administration and maintenance of all bank accounts
  • Monitor monthly cash balances and physical balances at bank to ensure the fund at an optimum level
  • Update bank specimen signatories if there is any change in personnel

Treasury Management System (TMS)

  1. Daily short-term investment transaction
  2. Transaction FX and bank guarantee issuance by bank
  3. Daily cash positioning process
  4. Monthly cash flow forecast

Loan Financing Administration

  • Administration of external loan facilities for both

Cash Call

  1. Assist in preparing cash call to partners and timely submission to partners
  2. Monitor accurate and prompt cash call receipt from partners

Bank Guarantees

  1. Assist in co-ordination for BG issuance and receipt BG from certain counter parties as part of ongoing business
  2. Follow-up with users on the expiry of bank guarantee for renewal or return for cancellation

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

  1. Prepare monthly Statement IA(Inter-company)
  2. Prepare quarterly Export Sales report
  3. Assist in periodic reporting to Bank Negara Malaysia

Month End of Financial Closing

  1. Prepare monthly journal entries for PSCs and branch
  2. Prepare monthly account analysis
  3. Prepare monthly bank reconciliation

Crude Oil/Gas

  1. Monitor Receipts of Oil and Gas and refund of overpayment of oil sales
  2. Credit Information on estimated crude oil revenue
  3. Update daily forex table