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Job Purpose / Overview

The Welding Superintendent supports the Subject Matter Expert (Construction Technical SupportSME) Team in the Joint Design Office (JDO) and Civils Programme Quality Delivery ManagersHPC Delivery Directorate in planning and delivering welding and allied activities on the HPC project. The role involves mainly liaising with contract partners to ensure that they understand and deliver the welding excellence required in the environment of a licensed nuclear construction site. The Welding Superintendent plays a key role in ensuring that the day to day welding quality is maintained at a high level and individual welders are supported and encouraged to produce high quality work and have the necessary tools and environment to perform at the highest level. The Welding Superintendent will report to the Head of Construction Technical SupportSME Team Lead and works collaboratively with the Senior Welding Consultant and Welding Consultant in the SME Team Manager on matters pertaining to welding, pipework erection and metallurgical controls such as heat treatment and mitigation of system stresses.

Framework & Boundaries

The Welding Superintendent works within the Site Construction Delivery Directorate and interfaces with the Inspection and Testing teams and the Welding Consultants, Welding SME and Project Construction Delivery Managers of the 6 programmes work on matters of welding and welding erection. There will also be links with the Quality Department and & Learning/Skills Development as well as Inspection and test functions to work on matters that affect welding and erection quality.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications & Experience


  • Significant experience in welding and erection activities on large projects leading teams of people
  • Proven ability to engage Senior Management and variety of stakeholders to work in the interest of attaining high quality welding with low defect rates
  • Ability to contribute to the management of a high performing team that continuously outperforms expectations and objectives
  • Understanding of Quality Management Systems and experience of the application of ISO 9001 standard in a construction, engineering or industrial context.