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Recruitment scams

From time to time fraudsters contact people who are looking for work and offer jobs, posing as Spencer Ogden. We take reports of such fraudulent activity seriously and deal with them promptly via our Legal team. By publishing details of such abuses we hope to prevent individuals falling victim to fraudulent practices.

What is scam/fake recruitment offer?

A scam/fake recruitment offer is an attempt to obtain cash from victims by offering jobs that do not exist. These scams are conducted via the internet using either fake company websites, or by sending unsolicited emails purporting to be from a Spencer Ogden employee or from our company careers site. The scammers request personal data and cash on the pretext that this is to finalise the fake employment opportunity. Spencer Ogden would never ask for payment to progress a job application.

How can I recognise a scam/fake recruitment offer?

  • Scammers search websites looking for job seekers and potential victims. Once identified bogus email messages are sent culminating in what appears to be an attractive job offer. The emails are sophisticated and may include the names of genuine company employees to try and add credibility.
  • The victim is asked to supply personal and financial data and complete fake employment documents such as application forms, visa forms, banking details, employment terms and conditions, etc. The forms provided often display Spencer Ogden’s company name and trademark without authority.
  • You should pay close attention to the spelling of any email address. Genuine correspondence from Spencer Ogden will only ever be sent from an email ending in (and not any variation on that email address).

What should you do if affected by a Recruitment Scam?

If affected by a Recruitment scam you should:

  • Report the fraudulent offer to us by emailing Forward the complete email message to us at Do not change or alter the message content in any way. Keep all subsequent messages received from the scammers to assist us with any future investigation if necessary Please ensure you provide us with the original email content including subject line as well as the full ‘header’ and ‘router’ data in order to trace the email's path through the internet to your email system. This information is only available to the original recipient. This data can help in tracing the location of where the email originated.
  • You should consider contacting your local police authority and provide all the information you have received from the sender.

If you suspect or are affected by a Recruitment Scam, Do NOT:

  • DO NOT send money to further employment prospects. Spencer Ogden never requests money for such purposes
  • DO NOT respond to unsolicited offers of employment from people you are unfamiliar with
  • DO NOT supply personal or financial data to persons you do not know
  • DO NOT continue to communicate in any way if you suspect the originator may be fraudulent

How do I apply for jobs at Spencer Ogden?

  • All vacancies at Spencer Ogden are listed on our website. Please visit where you can search and apply for jobs or register your CV/resume for future openings.
  • Please be aware that our recruiter’s may contact you via a private message on LinkedIn. Our recruiter’s use LinkedIn to network with individuals who they feel may have the required qualifications, skills and abilities to work at Spencer Ogden.