Global Mobilisation

Spencer Ogden is a global energy, infrastructure and engineering recruitment specialist, offering first-class contract solutions on a global scale. Our international offices in key areas around the world give our dedicated Mobilisation teams the ability to offer a broad range of support services for the mobilisation, assignment period and de-mobilisation of all contractors.

Our international knowledge, high-risk support and compliant solutions provide the pillars for an exceptional level of service which, in turn, allows us to offer a bespoke end-to-end solution to meet our client’s' needs.


High-risk locations

We have invested in providing our clients with support in high-risk locations before travel, during assignment and de-mobilisation post assignment. Working with our partners, Ace and Red24, we provide 24/7 worldwide support for our contractors, which includes the ability to monitor contractor’s locations and provide constant security updates relevant to their assignment.

The features we can offer in high risk locations include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-travel risk assessments
  • Live travel monitoring
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Local security support
  • Insurance

Travel support

Spencer Ogden is supported by a dedicated industry specialist travel agency that assists our Mobilisation Team with all international travel. This includes flights, car hire, hotels, serviced accommodation and any additional requirements. A profile on each contractor requiring mobilisation and de-mobilisation is created to ensure our clients' travel policies and requirements are always adhered to.

Our travel specialists work closely with hotel chains globally to obtain exclusive rates, from which our clients can benefit. Prior to the mobilisation of high volumes of contractors to large projects, our travel support agency will research the local region to obtain the best rates in local travel support including serviced apartments and car hire.

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International placements are Spencer Ogden’s speciality. We understand that our clients engage us to remove the burden of time-consuming research into local compliance, and to ensure the smooth and compliant running of their assignments. We have a dedicated legal and compliance team who ensure all contractor contracts are in line with local legal regulations.

With links to multiple international background screening organisations, we have the ability to perform pre-mobilisation screening on all contractors globally. Checks can vary from local criminal background checks to international criminal database and sanctions screening and will be tailored to our client requirements.

Country specific knowledge

We understand that moving to a new location is unfamiliar to contractors who may not have travelled previously. In order to make relocating or long periods of time away from home as simple as possible, we provide all contractors with access to global country specific information via an online system or app.

The information includes cultural practices, emergency service information, weather guidance and local key information. Having access to this information allows contractors to focus on their assignments without having to spend time researching their new location.

Case Study

Our global Mobilisation Team were monitoring a region with a high level of civil and political unrest during a period when we had a number of contractors assigned in-country. Consequently, we maintained very close contact with the client during this time to stay abreast of any situations that my require an emergency response.

During the regular check-ins with the client, we were advised that rebel forces had entered a three-mile radius of the site and that all workers needed to be relocated to a safe house immediately – and demobilisation completed as soon as possible.

We maintained ongoing contact with the client as their on-site security team moved eight contractors to a safe location, away from the insurgent activity. While the client facilitated the secure in-country transport, Spencer Ogden booked the flights out of the region as an urgent priority, arranging the earliest possible flights to Dubai and then onward flights to the contractors' home locations.

Regular verbal contact was made throughout the demobilisation with each affected contractor and wemaintained communication with the client to monitor the situation as it progressed in-country. Due to the continued situation, the contractors had their contracts suspended and then returned at a later date when the stuation had stabilised to levels considered safe for people to return to work without threat of further incident.


"I really appreciated the Mobilisation Team’s professional services and the way they organised my trips each time, and also the speed to with which they responded to my requests.”

"The Mobilisation Team have been very helpful and efficient in fulfilling my booking needs, sometimes beyond expectations and with very little notice .”

"My Mobilisation Consultant has been arranging my travel and accommodation during my international assignment for nearly nine months. I can say with great confidence that she truly acts as my Business Partner and always reacts to my needs promptly and efficiently, providing the optimal solutions for the project and personal circumstances.”