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Airbus, Renishaw partner to develop 3D printed aircraft wing structures

24 Aug 2016
British engineering firm Renishaw has partnered with Airbus to deliver a new £17.7 million project geared towards developing new techniques of designing and manufacturing aircraft wings with 3D printing technologies. 

The Wing Design Methodology Validation project is aiming to reduce the overall time it takes to develop aircraft parts. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Airbus and other project partners to develop processes that will fully test the capabilities of addictive manufacturing,” said Clive Martell, Renishaw’s head of global addictive manufacturing. “Aircraft wing design is a hugely complicated process and this project will look at ways we can increase robustness of the design and test process while also reducing the time this takes.”

The project will also investigate the potential of creating complex components for wing structures with 3D printing, designing more aerodynamic wing models.

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