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Alaska on the hunt for oil

11 Jan 2016

Alaska Native companies are actively searching for oil and gas in the state's frontier basins.

The core objective is simple for these regional businesses; to find small oil deposit where jobs can be created for local residents and offer affordable energy for local towns.

Alaska’s largest private landowner, Doyon Ltd is currently exploring an oil prospect in the Nenana basin. The company owns 12.5 million acres and believes the Nenana basin could contain 60 million barrels of oil and potentially offer 200 billion cubic feet of gas.

Like Doyon, Ahtna Netiye is planning to build its first drilling pad and employee 75 people. With drilling scheduled to begin in April this year, the company feels like they are becoming pioneers within the industry.

“This will have a tremendous positive impact on people living in the area,” said chief executive of Ahtna Netiye, Tom Maloney.

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