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Alstom's MXL2 upgrade for GT26 gas turbines

09 Aug 2013
Alstom has validated its MXL2 upgrade for GT26 gas turbines, enabling operators to flexibly dispatch their plants and match production hours to fluctuating demand – a key requirement in markets with high volumes of intermittent renewable power supply such as Spain or Germany.

Alstom's Low Pressure Turbine Upgrade – the GT26 MXL2 – is part of the components improvement in the Next Generation GT26 gas turbine, which was first installed at the KA26 Cartagena Power Plant in Spain, owned by Hc Energia. The upgrade has increased the plant's performance at part-load – a key feature for renewables integration.

The MXL2 upgrade allows operators to switch between an M and an XL mode of operation by adjusting the turbine inlet temperature of the turbine.

In the M mode, combined cycle plant can increase output by up to 13.5 MW, while raising efficiency by up to 0.7 percent at full load and high part load.

Operating in the XL mode, in contrast, helps to extend the lifetime of components by about 8,000 operating hours before the next type C hot gas path inspection is necessary. The longer turbine lifetime increases plant availability and reduces maintenance costs. By choosing the XL mode, power plant operators can increase output by 3.0 MW and improve the plant's efficiency by 0.5 percent.

"Alstom prides itself on being the pioneer of operational flexibility. Our advanced class gas turbines- the GT26 for 50 Hz electricity markets and the GT24 for 60 Hz markets, both feature sequential combustion technology that allows them to deliver outstanding flexibility," said Michael Ladwig, the father of Alstom GT26 gas turbine.