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Alstom T&D leads smart grid pilot project in India

05 May 2015

Alstom T&D India has been selected to lead the smart grid pilot project in Northern India.
The project is by Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Ltd and will be located at the Kale Amb industrial area of Himachal Pradesh and will serve over 1,500 consumers.

Alstom will design, develop and implement an integrated set of smart grid applications targeting power quality issues, managing peak demand and power outages. Alstom’s solutions will be based on its e-terradistribution 3.0 which is the industry’s first completely integrated and most advanced suite of SCADA, Distribution Management System, and Outage Management System applications.

This is the second of 14 projects under a “Smart Grid Pilot” programme and its’ success will help strengthen the project as it develops and is rolled out across the region.