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Alstom wins EUR50m retrofit contract in France

07 Sep 2012

Alstom Thermal Power has secured a EUR50m contract to modernize the Controbloc N20 units located at 20 nuclear power plants owned by Electricité de France (EDF) in France.


Under the terms of the contract, Alstom will modernize the existing units by adding new technology based on its ALSPA Series 6 control system.

The first retrofitted unit will be deployed in 2015.

EDF's 20 power plants, which have a total capacity of 1,300MW, were equipped with Alstom control system during the construction phase.

Alstom Thermal Power has been the servicing the units since installation.

Controbloc N20 is a control system for power plants; operators can improve control with various sensors across the plant that monitors components such as actuators of pumps, valves, engines and electrical units.

Alstom Power Automation & Controls vice president Dominique Llonch said, "This contract is a clear sign on how Alstom can both maintain its equipment on the long range and adapt to the new operational needs by providing its latest technologies."