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Ameren opens smart-grid test facility in Illinois

22 Aug 2013
Ameren Illinois has opened a $3.3 million testing facility near the University of Illinois campus that companies can use to try out smart-grid technologies on a live grid.

The utility's new Technology Applications Center is equipped with a substation and two distribution circuit feeders. These will help developers test smart-grid equipment by connecting to 69,000-volt and 12,000-volt systems on the utility's energy distribution network.

Using a live-scale lab, researchers can test anything from household appliances to industrial capacitor banks, said Ameren Illinois President and CEO Richard Mark.

The facility also gives the utility and the UI the opportunity to do joint research on smart-grid related technologies and to work together on testing and validation procedures.

A fiber-optic will connect the center and a UI power lab that supports several grid research projects.

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