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America's Offshore Wind industry makes significant advancements

04 Sep 2014
A new report has outlined the development of America’s projects within the offshore wind energy industry.

With 14 projects in the advanced stages, progress within the sector is strong and is laying the foundations for further development within offshore wind in the country.

The momentum within the industry has come from the concerted clean energy policy from the Obama administration, and helps to increase America’s position within the global clean energy mix. It is a big step forward in terms of reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

The new projects have the potential to deliver 4,900 megawatts of 
clean renewable energy to U.S businesses and communities, according to a report produced by Navigant Research.

Although this is still behind China and other European countries, it will not only encourage innovation within the clean energy technology sector but will increase jobs in the industry.