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An all-round nuclear vision

09 Aug 2011

The head of Russia's state nuclear energy company has been given a demonstration of how virtual reality is being used in the development of new reactor models and in planning new plant sites.

Sergey Kiriyenko, director general of Rosatom, recently visited RosEnergoAtom's centre for visual prototyping. The centre features a sphere, with a diameter of six metres, into which people can enter and stand on a glass floor about two metres above the bottom. Three-dimensional images are projected on the inner surface of the sphere, giving viewers an all-round image.

The technology has previously been used by the defence industry, and by car and aircraft manufacturers. It allows nuclear power plant designers to visualize how plants will appear with a combination of different reactor models, buildings and equipment. In addition to being an aid to planning new plants, the centre could also be used for decision making in crisis situations, said Rosatom.

During his visit, Kiriyenko was shown how a nuclear power plant site could be planned using a 3D model of a VVER reactor design.

The centre was developed, designed and constructed by the design branch of RosEnergoAtom.