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Areva to recycle spent fuel from Borssele nuclear power plant in The Netherlands

13 Dec 2012

Paris-based Areva is set to receive a consignment of 6.7t of spent nuclear fuel from the Borssele nuclear power plant in the Netherlands for recycling purposes.


Elektriciteits-Produktiemaatschappij Zuid (EPZ) is the operator of the 485MW pressurized water reactor type Borssele nuclear plant, located in the northwest of the Netherlands.

Three casks of used fuel are being rail transported to Areva la Hague plant in France, where it will be processed to recycle 96% of the valuable materials.

The remaining 4% radioactive waste will be put through a vitrification process for safe and stable confinement and returned to EPZ.

Areva and EPZ have put in place a contract for processing and recycling 350t of nuclear waste, of which 281.5t has already been delivered and about 255t already treated.

The contract, signed in 1978, operates in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between France and The Netherlands.