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Bid to build world’s first plant producing marine biofuel

11 Sep 2013
Denmark’s Port of Frederikshavnm Aalborg University and energy specialist Steeper Energy have partnered to establish the world’s first biomass-based plant producing a sustainable marine fuel.

The plant will produce sulphur-free fully renewable fuel for the several thousand vessels passing through the port annually. The size of the plant is initially set at around 50-100,000 tons fuel annually and will only cover a part of the potential market, but CEO of the Port of Frederikshavn has said that the port could potentially serve a marine fuel market of at least 900,000 tons a year.

In the longer term a research effort will be directed at mixing in locally sourced feedstocks, such as short rotation coppice, manure and straw etc. This will be carried out at the research plant at Aalborg University, where the consequences of mixing feedstocks on product quality and operating conditions will be analysed before implementing this in full scale.