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British Columbia Energy Minister Reaffirms Smart Meter Safety

08 Jun 2011

Despite hundreds of studies that have determined the safety of radio frequencies, such as emitted by smart meters, a small percentage of consumers continue to express concern over their future health

The latest protests occurred in Victoria, British Columbia, where 50 people gathered outside the provincial legislature to protest against the project. They expressed fear the radio frequencies will create a cloud of radiation over homes that adversely affects people who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

The devices, which will be installed across the province over the next two years, collect usage data and transmit it to B.C. Hydro wirelessly. The meters will be used to make a “smart grid,” allowing B.C. Hydro to know when transmitters are down, when there is a blackout or a loss of load.

Energy Minister Rich Coleman assured his constituents there is little risk from by B.C. Hydro’s smart meters. “The smart meters are outside the home, and their emissions are one hundredth the power of a cell phone. If you stand next to the meter for 20 years, the radiation is the same as a 30-minute cell phone call.”