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CavitroniX selects Maine distributor for new technology

24 May 2012

CavitroniX, creator of the E2C (emulsion-to-combustion) system, has selected Sullivan and Merritt Constructors as a primary distributor and service provider in Maine for the company's E2C systems.

The CavitroniX E2C system mixes water with oil to create an emulsion at the point of use, improving the efficiency of oil-fired boilers and generator systems.

Deployed as an upgrade to an existing fuel oil-fired boiler or furnace, E2C can also be used with diesel generators or on diesel-powered marine vessels.

Sullivan and Merritt CEO Jon Lee said the benefits and value of the E2C system have convinced us to break with tradition.

"It is not often that a device becomes available that can both lower costs and provide cleaner emissions. For the first time in 35 years, we'll offer a commercial product to our customers," Lee said.

Sullivan and Merritt president Lance Leavitt said the company's ability to provide a single point of service, handling the mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements for installation and on-going service, make this an excellent partnership.

"CavitroniX and Sullivan and Merritt Constructors will benefit -- but more importantly, our customers will benefit," Leavitt said.

Sullivan and Merritt Constructors is an industrial mechanical-and-electrical systems service company.