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Cenergy Power complete 586kW solar PV system in US

17 Apr 2012

Cenergy Power, a unit of BAP Power Corp has completed a 586kW solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Hughson Nut at their 50,000sq ft almond processing facility in California, US.


The 586kW solar PV system will produce over 970,000kWh of solar energy annually for the blanching, dry roasting, and cutting lines for producing sliced, slivered, diced and milled almonds.

The energy produced is equivalent to removing about 730 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Hughson Nut, is a almond processor for the confectionary, bakery, cereal, health and snack food industries.

As part of the arrangement, Cenergy Power will be providing scheduled operations and maintenance for the system for ten years.

Hughson Nut principal Martin Pohl said "Cenergy Power did a great job on an initial 504 kW solar project for a related nut hulling business over a year ago so we were very confident in their capabilities on this second solar project,"