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Cisco Teams with AT&T on Smart Home Service

08 Jan 2013

Cisco has launched a UL-certified, all-digital, wireless-based home security and automation service with AT&T Digital Life. Cisco reports it will provide “the Digital Life control panel and back-office provisioning and applications life-cycle management system, which allows customers to monitor, protect, and manage their homes using a smart phone, tablet, or PC.”

AT&T plans to initially launch the Digital Life service in eight United States’ markets in March, with up to 50 additional market rollouts planned over the rest of the year. The service is broadband provider agnostic even though it uses AT&T’s nationwide wireless network.

Joe Chow, Cisco vice president and general manager for Connected Home Devices, notes, “As more and more data and devices become connected, the Internet of Everything makes it possible for consumers to check in on loved ones, pets, and energy consumption on the go. We’re excited to team with AT&T again to deliver another industry first, this time letting people proactively monitor their home from any device. This truly is an application platform that opens up new opportunities for service providers – beyond monitoring, security, and control to drive additional revenue, and provide higher satisfaction by offering additional networked services to consumers inside and outside their marketAT&T Digital Life enables consumers to augment security and manage their home from virtually anywhere. Options include: viewing live video from inside and outside the home; arming and disarming the security system, controlling and managing appliances, lighting and HVAC for energy efficiency; locking or unlocking doors for guests or repairmen; and detecting water leaks.

AT&T Digital Life senior vice president Kevin Petersen, adds: “Cisco helped us deliver on our vision to create an innovative Internet-powered service, that allows people to secure and manage their home from virtually anywhere, using any Web-connected device, regardless of their wireless or broadband provider. We value their CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) expertise, as the network-based Digital Life controller breaks new ground with UL-certification and a wide variety of customization features.”