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Cuadrilla Resumes Drilling at Balcombe

22 Aug 2013
UK-focused shale fracking specialist Cuadrilla Resources has resumed drilling at its site in Balcombe, West Sussex. The news comes after the escalation of a protest against the company's operations last weekend forced Cuadrilla to stop drilling.

Last Friday, Cuadrilla announced it had temporarily scaled back its drilling activities after threats of direct action against the site.

Cuadrilla began drilling at Balcombe on the 2nd of August and had intended to take just a few weeks to drill a 3,000-foot deep, six-inch well with a 72-foot tall land rig, but it has permission to drill until September 28 from West Sussex County Council, following the protests and subsequent delay.

Although it is currently drilling a conventional oil exploration well, Cuadrilla plans to use it to look at the potential for drilling a 2,500-foot horizontal hole, in which hydraulic fracture could take place in the future.