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Cumbria's renewable success

24 Jul 2013
Cumbria’s commercial renewable energy projects are now generating a huge £8.86m worth of electricity a year, providing enough power to more than 44,000 homes.

Such projects include a 100kW propellertype hydropower turbine at Heron Corn Mill in Beetham, and wind turbines at Eastman Chemical Company, which is the first large scale on site wind generation project at a chemical plant in the UK.

Soaring energy bills and growing environmental concerns have seen a significant increase in independent renewable energy projects including wind farms, hydro power schemes and anaerobic digestion plants.

The figure for Cumbria includes 13 wind projects and 12 hydro projects. The county is also home to nine projects which generate energy from gas from landfill sites and the sewage system. Together the Cumbrian projects have a capacity of 61 megawatts.

Iain Robertson is head of generation at SmartestEnergy, which carried out the new research said, “Rising energy prices and the introduction of financial subsidy schemes such as the Feed-in Tariff have sparked huge interest in the development of independent renewable generation projects in recent years.”

“For businesses, farms and organisations faced with steep rises in energy costs, investing in their own renewable energy projects can generate significant savings and help them remain competitive.

“The combined strength of a large number of these projects will also play an increasingly important role in helping the country meet its climate change targets in the years ahead.”

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