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Detectent Announces New Smart Grid Software

27 Sep 2011

Detectent, which provides Customer Intelligence Solutions for North American utilities, has released new software that facilitates Smart Grid implementations. Specifically, the software solution is designed quickly deploy business intelligence and analytics for electric, gas and water utilities’s Smart Grid projects.


Known as CustomerIP, the solution delivers a combined set of software, tools and best practices aimed at investor-owned, municipal, and co-operative utilities.

Michael Madrazo, Detectent CEO, explains, “Our technology can help utilities obtain the smart grid post-implementation benefits, often referred to as day-two benefits, much faster and at a much lower investment. CustomerIP can assist the utility through the implementation of the smart meter, starting with pre-deployment analytics that ensure customer meter issues are resolved prior to smart meter deployment, thereby mitigating risk and exposure to the utility.”

The solution’s analytical tools can be applied to monthly, daily, hourly and sub-hourly reads from Automated Meter Read (AMR), Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI), and any other collection method.

Madrazo adds: “Demands placed on the utility by regulators and shareholders to deliver quantifiable benefits to its rate payers have been increasing at a rapid pace. If the utility cannot demonstrate a clear path forward then their deployment strategy is scrutinized. Our software solution makes day-two benefits a reality in a very short time frame, ensuring that the utility can satisfy the demands of regulators and shareholders, as well as deliver tangible benefits to its ratepayers.”

The solution should be particularly beneficial to utilities without deep pockets.

Detectent Chief Operating Officer, Todd Thayer, says, “By implementing CustomerIP, our utility clients will be able to rapidly achieve greater value from their Advance Metering Infrastructure projects. We were a pioneer in utility-facing analytics in 2004 because we listened to our customers and this is a further evolution of that--our customers were asking for help in getting to the day-two benefits and we responded.”

San Diego, California-based Detectent says it provides solutions that help utilities better understand their customers’ energy end-usage points, ensure accurate billing, curtail theft and maximize customer program participation and benefit. For more information, visit