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DNV launches offshore solar field technology

30 Oct 2012

Netherlands-based consultancy and services company DNV has launched SUNdy, an offshore floating solar field, at the Singapore International Energy Week.


The technology includes a hexagonal array that floats on the sea surface.

One solar island consists of several arrays featuring about 4,200 solar panels, with a capacity to generate 2MW of power. Each thin-film solar panel can produce 560W.

A solar field of multiple connected islands can together produce 50MW, enough to provide electricity to 30,000 individuals.

DNV KEMA Energy & Sustainability Asia COO Bjørn Tore Markussen said, "Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important in nations across the globe, including Asia, and with such a readily available and abundant source that is rapidly approaching grid parity levels, it's solar power that's attracting a lot of interest in this part of the world."

DNV Clean Technology Centre Singapore MD Sanjay Kuttan noted that the key to creating an ocean-based structure of this size is the use of a tension-only design.

"Rather like a spider's web, this dynamic, compliant structure yields to the waves, yet is capable of withstanding considerable external loads acting upon it."