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E.ON Opens Second Smart Meter Centre

26 Jun 2012

E.ON has launched a second smart metering centre in Bolton that will offer tailored advice and support for customers with or hoping to obtain smart meters. The first centre opened in Nottingham in May 2011.
Tony Cocker, E.ON UK chief executive officer, says “What we’re seeing here is a real shift in demand; our customers understand the benefits of smart meters and they want them now – they want to see how much energy they’re using and they want more accurate bills. That’s why we’re re-training our employees to be able to install smart meters and give specialist advice over the phone. The opening of the smart metering centre of excellence in Bolton reaffirms our commitment to helping put customers in control of their energy and we’ve invited some of our customers who live locally and already have E.ON smart meters to help us launch the centre today.”

In an effort to meet the UK government’s announced its goal of installing smart meters into every home by 2019, E.ON has deployed 125,000 smart meters in Britain over the last 12 months and expects to install a total of one million smart meters by 2014.
Resident Alan Beardow notes, “My experience with E.ON has gone like a dream – every time I called them up they’ve been great and the meter fitter went above and beyond the call of duty explaining everything really thoroughly, which was tremendous. The handheld display, which uses a traffic light system to show me how much energy I’m using, is very helpful and definitely makes me and my wife more aware of where we can be saving.”

Mark England, CEO, Sentec said “The launch of E.ON’s new smart metering centre of excellence is very much in line with the decision by DECC to put the consumer at the heart of the smart meter rollout. UK has genuinely learnt from the large consumer backlash experienced in the US market that early customer engagement is key to success. The advantage of the UK’s unique supplier-led rollout is that it’s in their interest to educate customers about the energy and money-saving benefits of smart meters to encourage participation and retain their customers. If the rollout is to be a success it is imperative that it remains consumer-focused and that any confusion is avoided. So it is great to see E.ON open a second service centre in the UK to provide important support to their smart-metering programme.”