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E.ON UK to Increase Energy Prices

11 Aug 2011

Beginning September 13, E.ON will increase its prices by 11.4 percent for electricity and 18.1 percent for gas, with dual fuel customers seeing a rise of 15.2 percent. The utility is also offering a new pricing option for existing customers: a two-year fixed price rate deal with no premium against standard new prices and no penalty clause for early exit. The company has guaranteed no more price increases for Age UK Energy customers for at least a year.


Graham Bartlett, Managing Director of E.ON’s Energy Solutions business, says, “I know that this is hard for customers and want to help them avoid future price volatility, which is why we’ve launched our new two-year fixed price deal. With offers like this - and by guaranteeing no further increases in our Age UK Energy prices for at least a year - we’re able to give our customers some certainty in what are very uncertain times.”

Bartlett adds: “And those uncertain times have had a huge effect on wholesale prices, with events in Japan and Libya all having a dramatic effect on gas and power prices in a relatively short period of time. In fact, even the Bank of England’s Inflation Report pointed out that wholesale gas prices had increased by around 20 percent between February and May alone, and that retail prices were expected to go up by double figures That’s one of the reasons why we’re working with our customers to get them Energy Fit - by filling out a survey at, people can get a tailored report to help them become more energy efficient and take greater control of their own bills.”

The average dual fuel bill for an E.ON customer who pays with Direct Debit will be £1,190. According to Ofgems, wholesale prices have gone up by around 30 percent since last winter.