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E.ON Urges Consumers to Unplug Unused Appliances, Devices

28 Aug 2012

A new report funded by E.ON found that more than 77 percent of adults are hoarding old and unused electrical appliances and nearly half of those consumers still keep items plugged in. In addition, 1.3 million people are paying to store unwanted appliances.

The most commonly hoarded unused gadgets include cameras, video players, DVD players, and gaming consoles. By far, mobile phone handsets are the most horded devices, kept by more than one in four consumers. It is estimated there are 15.6 million unused mobile phones in the UK alone.
Among unused and horded kitchen appliances, juicers and bread-makers top the list. The reasons given by consumers for holding onto unused, unwanted, or out of date appliances include not liking to throw things away, not knowing what to do with them, and believing they might be useful in the future.

More than half the adults polled admit to having more appliances and gadgets now than they did last year at this time.

E.ON Energy Fitness Expert Emma Bradshaw explains, “With gadgets playing a key role in our daily lives, it’s clear that people are confused about what to do with their unwanted technology and so end up hoarding them. In the first instance, we’d urge everyone to unplug any appliances that are no longer in use so at least they don’t continue to waste electricity and needlessly add to your energy bill.”

Consumers admit the increasing number of unwanted gadgets and electrical appliances is creating storage issues. Currently, more than 36 percent of people use their cupboards to store gadgets and one in three store old and unused appliances in their attics.
Bradshaw adds: “We recommend that people have a good look through their unwanted gadgets and decide if they really want and need them, and it’s great to see that some of these items are being passed on to family members. If people don’t want to keep their discarded technology, they can donate the items to some charities, and we also provide a hassle-free service where you can pay to have unwanted clutter taken away when you have your loft insulated.”