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EcoFactor Earns New Energy Management Patent

17 Jan 2013

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded EcoFactor a patent for a cloud-based energy management system for plug-in air conditioners and heating systems.

EcoFactor reports that its user friendly application of cloud computing “combines weather information with knowledge gained from connected thermostats. Its services apply proprietary analytics and algorithms and make ongoing, individualized micro-adjustments to each connected home’s temperature settings. It delivers double-digit percentage reductions in HVAC bills for consumers, as well as double-digit increases in demand response yield, even as it increases consumer satisfaction and comfort.”
EcoFactor executive vice president and co-founder John Steinberg explains, “This patent points the way to a great application of our approach to big cities and other environments where centralized HVAC is less common. It will enable EcoFactor to offer significant savings and other tangible benefits to a whole new group of consumers. EcoFactor has been zigging where others zagged for quite a while now. Getting this kind of recognition from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office never gets old, and encourages us to continue to add to our portfolio of patents as we bring our services to consumers throughout North America.”

EcoFactor provides predictive cloud-based home energy management services that improve energy efficiency, reduce energy bills, and increase DR efficacy while maintaining consumer comfort. EcoFactor’s patented big-data analytics and algorithms monitor, adapt and optimize each home’s temperature settings incorporating massive amounts of data, including the home’s thermodynamics, family comfort preferences and schedules, plus external data such as weather. The company provides homeowners automatic cost savings without the need to manually adjust temperature levels or change behavior.