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Elster to Offer Defender’s ASM

08 Aug 2012

Elster has announced it will offer Industrial Defender’s solutions to utility customers throughout North America. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will jointly offer and market Elster’s EnergyAxis Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system and Industrial Defender’s Automation Systems Manager (ASM) solution, the industry’s first unified security, compliance, and change management solution specifically designed for automation systems.

The combined solution gives utilities the ability to improve their operational systems through advanced cyber security and automation systems management capabilities. Elster reports, “With integration between ASM and EnergyAxis, customers can easily leverage their existing investments and infrastructures. The partnership also gives customers flexible deployment options, in both hosted and on-premise versions that can adapt as customers’ needs evolve.”

David Hart, Elster’s senior vice president of systems and products, says his company is the industry leader “in delivering secure advanced metering systems using standards based encryption and authentication. These systems provide secure and reliable collection and transport of vital information. Now, with Industrial Defender, Elster is extending this security coverage to a defense-in-depth model. Together with Industrial Defender, Elster provides enhanced confidentiality, integrity, and availability for critical data and systems, which protects sensitive information.”
Elster’s EnergyAxis has enhanced security features and interoperability, enabling utilities to deliver AMI benefits to customers. Additionally, EnergyAxis enables AMI and distribution automation (DA) convergence through built-in applications such as transformer monitoring, load and voltage optimization and load control.

Industrial Defender president and chief executive officer Brian Ahern notes, “For more than a decade, the Industrial Defender team has been exclusively focused on meeting the unique needs of owners and operators of industrial control systems. Their requirements have guided our innovation, the most recent example of which is our outstanding ASM solution. Whether they are small or large, gas, electric, and water utilities throughout North America today are facing a range of technology and business issues. Together with Elster, we are helping these utility customers address some of their most pressing operational challenges.”