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Engineers will fill rail skills gap

21 Jan 2016

The rail sector is thriving with rail developments and infrastructure projects taking place across the UK. The real question now is who will help with facilitating the expansion of the rail sector? Many believe the answer is employing more engineers.

In the UK alone, the engineering sector will require over 2 million new workers within the next 5 years. Billions of pounds worth of investment is pouring into present and future projects and many new jobs are being created. A wide spectrum of roles will need be filled, from apprentices to qualified senior engineers.

Advanced custom trains and rail lines needed to fulfil the HS2 project is expected to award 70,000 jobs to engineers and construction workers.

Great Western rail network’s decision to introduce rail electrification will also provide job opportunities to candidates working in and outside the rail industry. 

Engineers from all regions should not shy away from the vast array of job opportunities being presented within the UK’s rail sector. Engineers of all disciplines have a sizeable chance to build a new development platform for themselves and take a firm grasp of realistic career progression.

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