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Eva Creek Wind in Alaska begins power delivery to grid

30 Oct 2012

The Eva Creek Wind farm, owned by Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA), has delivered its first power to the grid in Alaska.


Eva Creek, a 25MW wind farm located in Healy in the US state of Alaska, is projected to produce 76,686,000KWh of renewable energy a year, providing electricity to over 9,100 interior homes.

The largest wind power project in Alaska is expected to commence commercial production in mid-November 2012. The project is estimated to cost about $93m.

Eva Creek consists of 12 REpower turbines.

GVEA expects Eva Creek to integrate into the company's system and reduce its dependence on oil.

At an oil price of $90 a barrel, Eva Creek is expected to save $13.6m in costs over the next 20 years.