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Exelon will buy four Texan gas power plants from GE

30 Sep 2014
Chicago-based power company, Exelon Corp is expanding two gas power plants in Texas.
Exelon will purchase four of General Electric’s newest heavy-duty gas turbines as part of an expansion of a pair of power plants near Houston and Dallas, making it the first sale of GE’s newest gas turbines in the US.

Exelon is one of the country’s largest power-generation companies and is making a continued pus to expand further into gas. Earlier this year Exelon purchased an under-construction liquefied natural gas terminal in Texas which will be used to export shale gas.

Construction is expected to begin at the plants in 2015 and will add about 1,000 megawatts of capacity to each. The plants will operate in a combined-cycle with excess heat from the gas turbines powering steam turbines which shows Exelon’s focus on lower fuel consumption as this method squeezes more energy from each unit of fuel.