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Fracking in UK could be deemed safe with new regulations

16 Jul 2015

The Task force on Shale Gas has reported that fracking could potentially be done safely in the UK under “rigorous regulation”.

Although the Task Force also said it was too early to tell whether it would be a good idea in the long run, it said fracking could be safe for human health and the environment.

Opposition to fracking has been based on concerns over water contamination and disruption to local communities, but this latest report suggests that if regulations are tightened and a National Advisory Committee is established to monitor data from any shale gas operations, fracking could be safe.

Lord Smith, chair of the Task Force on Shale Gas said, “Only if the drilling is done properly and to the highest standard, and with rigorous regulation and monitoring, can shale gas fracking be done safely for local communities and the environment."

If the UK was to access its’ shale gas resources, it would reduce dependence on imported gas and increase energy dependence.