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France order 3 million smart meters

18 Jul 2013

Keen to put the recession behind them, the French Government has unveiled a $15 billion plan to invest in fiber-optic telecommunications, smart meters and other digital infrastructure. A portion of the funding will go directly to smart meters for the country and a formal request for those meters proposals will be produced this summer.

The meters will follow the Linky template that has been tested in more than 350,000 homes and businesses since 2009 and as much as 80% of the meter will be manufactured in France. This project is expected to provide about 5000 installation jobs and 5000 permanent jobs, with an eventual goal of 35 million meters when the smart meter rollout is complete in 2020.

"These new meters will make life easier for users through remote reading, will help them manage their electricity consumption with better information, and will allow the development of new services as the autopilot of the electrical devices in the home," said French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault at the launch.