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frax Systems CEO Pens Open Letter

10 Apr 2012

Infrax Systems chief executive office Sam Talari, has issued an open letter to shareholders that updates the company’s current health and future strategies. The letter comes in the wake of company founder Paul Aiello’s resignation due to medical reasons. Talari makes a point of refuting any suggestion Aiello’s departure was due to any issue related to business operations and reported that Aiello’s remains a board member and company advisor.

After introducing new executives David Glaser, interim chief operations manager and Terry N. Gardner, Vice President of Engineering and Professional Services, Talari announces the company has expanded its advisory board seats with the inclusion of the following three new members: Vik Grover, Senior Managing Director, Investment Banking at Source Capital Group; Jaanus Tamm , CEO of Defendec; and Bill Barry of Southern Power & Controls.
Talari also notes: “For the past few weeks, we have been working hard to complete our first ever multi-year multi-million dollar RFP (Request for Purchase) for a major utility. We have completed the proper documents and are awaiting response or an award for the project. Although there are no guarantees that we will be awarded the project, we are ecstatic that our technology has shown its competitive advantage against other fortune 500 companies that were competing against us. We hope this project would open many doors to the future growth of our company and validation of our unique product and services. This and other future RFPs will be headed by our Engineering and Professional Services division.”

Talari also reports Infrax Systems has piloted its Substation Security products for two major utilities and are awaiting purchase orders.

“We hope to pilot our products to more utilities in the next few weeks…There are hundreds of thousands of Substations in the USA alone and we believe our Substation Security products will be contributing immensely to our revenue going forward. Physical security and intrusion detection is becoming a critical concern to the electric utility industry. Not only has this concern proved an economic reality, but it also is now seen as a safety concern as copper theft usually causes substation transformers and safety equipment to become unstable and extremely hazardous. Infrax is developing an intrusion detection package which is both economical and functional and can provide first alert as well as visual verification of intrusion. Not only will this system help reduce outages and property loss, but it will provide effective indication as to whether a substation’s security has been compromised.”