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Global nuclear power capacity to increase by 60% by 2040

13 Nov 2014
The International Energy Agency has released a report that details the projected increase in worldwide nuclear power generation capacity over the next 20 years.

The World Energy Outlook report cites developing countries such as China and India as leading an estimated 60% increase in capacity by 2040, jumping to 624GW from 392GW in 2013.

New plants are expected to add 380GW to the energy mix, whilst decommissioning reactors will subtract 148GW. A huge 200 out of 434 of the reactors in operation last year will reach retirement age by 2040, with decommissioning costs expected to reach over $100 billion.

Japan and China will lead the way with the development of new capacity, with over 100GW coming from China alone. Japan will move to the forefront and will use nuclear power to meet 15% of its energy demand in 2040.