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Graduate Employment Comes Out of the Recession

08 Jul 2014
A report released today has revealed that the UK graduate job market has recovered to its pre-recession peak.

The number of jobs available for university leavers has risen by 12%, making it the biggest increase in four years following the unprecedented 23.3% dip between 2007 and 2009. 

The UK’s top employers recruited 11.6% more graduates this year, compared to the 9% that had been predicted.

These top employers have upped their recruitment game, with a third setting increased graduate recruitment targets for 2014 – the highest level the graduate job market has seen for seven years.

Despite this obvious market success, the number of graduates has increased significantly in recent years, pushing 365,000 in 2014 compared to the modest 18,000 fresh graduates in 2007.

This undoubtedly has an impact in the long term and requires the number of graduate level jobs keeps pace with the number of graduates looking to start their career.

The UK’s average applications per vacancy for these roles is 39, but this is much higher in several industries, most notably banking and finance, and oil and energy where it reaches 50 applicants per position.

More than two-thirds of companies across the UK plan to match or improve on their recruitment levels in 2015, meaning that all those graduating over the next year will be in a great position to kick-start their career.

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