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GridGlo’s Pilot Test with Oklahoma Utility Deemed a Success

07 Jun 2012

GridGlo reports its pilot program with Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) was a success. The utility contracted GridGlo to increase the performance of its residential demand response (DR) program. GridGlo’s unique data fusion platform enriches huge volumes of streaming and non-streaming data and works with large utility companies such as OG&E to manage energy resources more effectively.

OG&E Director of Customer Programs Mike Farrell, notes, “With the information provided by GridGlo, OG&E has the potential to reduce the number of customers required to meet its DR program targets.”

Isaias Sudit, GridGlo founder and chief executive officer, adds:  “OG&E can now market its DR program to qualified residential customers. Moreover, our success with OG&E has not gone unnoticed by other large utilities, and GridGlo is starting a number of important new pilot programs as a resultGridGlo’s analytics platform aggregates petabytes of data and rapidly analyzes it by applying proprietary algorithms and advanced data fusion processes. Data fusion is the science of combining disparate sources of data to develop inferences and continually refine them. GridGlo is the first to leverage this approach to derive new insights in the energy industry and facilitate new ways for utilities to promote customer engagement.

Delray Beach, Florida, based GridGlo provides insights into energy consumption for utilities, OEMs, application developers, and other customers to extract value from energy consumption data. The company’s core strengths are data fusion, data aggregation, algorithm development, and scoring matrices as well as a proprietary software platform that can identify, score, and provide recommendations to impact energy consumption behavior. For more information, please visit: