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Hacking Experts Issues Gloomy Smart Grid Prediction

17 Apr 2012

A self-described hacking expert predicts there is an absolute certainty the energy grid will fail within three years. In an interview promoting upcoming documentary film entitled Take Back Your Power, David Chalk says it’s only a matter of time before the entire power grid is taken down by cyber attack.

Chalk says, “We’re in a state of crisis. The front door is open and there is no lock to be had. There is not a power meter or device on the grid that is protected from hacking - if not already infected - with some sort of Trojan horse that can cause the grid to be shut down or completely annihilated. One of the most amazing things that has happened to mankind in the last 100 years is the Internet. It’s given us possibility beyond our wildest imagination. But we also know the vulnerabilities that exist inside of it. And then we have the backbone, the power grid that powers our nations. Those two are coming together. And it’s the smart meter on your home or business that’s now allowing that connectivity.”
Chalk has challenged anyone to provide a hack-proof item of digital technology. “The computer companies that are involved, the manufacturers that are involved, bring forward a technology and I will show you that it’s penetrable,” said Chalk. “I’ll do it on national TV, I’ll do it anywhere. But I can guarantee you 100% that there is nothing out there today—nothing—that can’t be penetrated.”

Former CIA Director James Woolsey told, “The so-called smart grid that is as vulnerable as what we’ve got now is not smart at all. It’s a really, really stupid grid.”

Chalk adds: “Unless we wake up and realize what we’re doing, there is 100% certainty of total catastrophic failure of the entire power infrastructure within 3 years. This could actually be worse than a nuclear war, because it would happen everywhere. How governments and utilities are blindly merging the power grid with the Internet, and effectively without any protection, is insanity at its finest.”