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India to expand nuclear energy units

10 Dec 2014
Russia has agreed to India’s request to expand the number of nuclear energy units set to be constructed in the country from the initial 14 to 16 units to 20 to 24 units. The request is based on the growing demand for energy in the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit Delhi Thursday and during the visit, the two countries will begin negotiations for the construction of the fifth and sixth units at the Kudankulam nuclear plant. The agreement for the construction of the plant’s third and fourth units will also be signed during Putin’s visit.

Rosatom, Russia’s nuclear power corporation, is building the Kudankulam plant in India’s southern state of Tamil Nadu under a contract signed in 1988. The plant's first unit was launched in July 2013, while the construction of the second unit is currently at the final stage.