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ISEA: Solar power to create 7,300 jobs

08 Jul 2016
The Irish Solar Energy Association (ISEA) has asked the Government to introduce a support mechanism for solar power. 

According to the ISEA, the deployment of solar energy technology in Ireland will lead to the generation of over 7,300 “high-value” jobs over the next couple of years. 

ISEA stated in its recent report that during the first two weeks of June, a commercial solar energy installation in the southeast generated 16,000 units of renewable electricity. Furthermore, an independent KPMG report estimated that the Irish solar industry has the capacity to deliver €2 billion in gross value added for Ireland and return €800m in tax revenues by 2030.

The report also added: “it is estimated that more than 2,200 businesses and 70,000 households could produce their own power if 500 MW of rooftop solar was installed by 2023 — with the figure doubling in subsequent years.”

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