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Japan restarts nuclear reactor following safety tests

11 Aug 2015

It has been announced that Japan has restarted its first nuclear reactor under new safety rules following the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

This follows years of reliance on imported fossil fuels for energy which has cost the country a significant amount as well as increasing CO2 emissions.

The country’s nuclear plants were all shut down gradually in the aftermath of the tsunami and earthquake which impacted the Fukushima plant.

After passing stringent new safety tests, Japan’s Nuclear Regulation authority approved two reactors at the Sendai plant last September, and Kyushu Electric Power restarted the number one reactor at its Sendai plant today.

Reactor No.1 at Sendai is expected to produce energy by the end of the week and has reported gone back online without any issues, and will reach full capacity next month.
Safety has been the primary focus with the restarting of these reactors, and more than $100m has been spent on fitting new safety systems at the Sendai plant.