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Junifer Systems Provides Billing Solution

13 Sep 2012

Hudson Energy has selected Junifer Systems to provide a billing solution for their European business. The utility recently entered the UK electricity market, servicing small and medium sized UK businesses, with plans to expand into gas at a later date. To that end, Hudson needs a solution that can handle HH (half hourly) and NHH (non half hourly) consumption, support UK Information and Communication (I&C) products, manage the complex industry data flows, be implemented quickly, and provide full automation to support their growth forecasts.

Junifer reports that its solution provides full support for “distribution use of supply charges, transmission use of supply charges, climate change levy, and UK Energy VAT rules. The solution is also tightly integrated with Hudson’s UK industry data flow provider.”

Hudson Energy Operations Director Joanne Thornton says, “We are excited to work with a company that has the same drive and ambition as us. We have developed a close partnership with Junifer to achieve automation in a short time scale and it has been an exceptionally positive experience. From start to finish, Junifer have delivered on time at every stage. Their challenging approach has created a strong working relationship between our companies.”
Paul Fitzgerald, Junifer Systems Sales Director, “We are delighted to be working with Hudson Energy to have another utility CIS implementation in the UK, particularly in the I&C market. Our understanding of the complexities of utility billing has allowed us to work closely with the team at Hudson to meet their billing and CIS requirements. The flexibility of our solution coupled with the speed of our implementation allows Hudson to enter the market quickly and provide a differentiated service to their customers.”

Hudson Energy serves more than 150,000 facilities.

Junifer Systems provides Customer Information Systems (CIS) to the utility industry, specializing in billing systems for traditional and smart meter deployments. For more information, visit