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juwi to complete 53MW wind farm in southwestern Germany

13 Oct 2011

juwi is in the process of completing the construction on the Kirchberg wind power project with a total capacity of 53MW in southwestern Germany.

Cerventus Naturenergie, a joint venture between juwi renewable IPP and the utility Offenbach (EVO), is the operator of the wind facility.

juwi expects the wind farm will be put into operation at the end of the year.

The Kirchberg wind facility produces around 125 million kWh of clean wind power annually in the Rhine-Hunsrueck district.

The clean wind power produced by the facility is equivalent to the annual electricity demand of 35,000 three-person households.

The project consists of 23 Enercon E-82 wind turbines, each with an output of 2.3MW.

EVO CEO Michael Homann said the cooperation between juwi renewable IPP and the utility EVO ensures an independent, secure and affordable supply of clean energy for the people in the region.