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Lights, Camera, Job!

11 Jul 2013

Earlier in the year an internet campaign was launched entitled, “Can you land a job in 140 characters?” The campaign was centred around Twitter and its famously limited character space, and was an innovative way for job seekers to sell themselves in one simple sentence.

These “Twesumes” were touted as the best way for the social media-savvy to land their dream job and started a stream of initiatives using social media to job hunt.

VideofyMe app has recently introduced their Video CV, with the backing of Dragon’s Den judge Hilary Devey, where users can create their bespoke video CV using the app. The idea is to use Twitter as a platform to promote it, using the incredibly effective hashtag.

This idea enables job hunters to search and promote themselves in a completely unique way, and companies and recruiters can get an instant and memorable impression of someone they perhaps wouldn’t have even considered after glancing at their written CV, simply by searching the hashtag #employme.


Although there are undoubtedly huge limitations to these ways of job seeking, it does raise the question of how vital social media has become in recruitment.

The recruitment industry is currently lying somewhere in limbo between using traditional recruiting processes like phone interviews, and being at the forefront of utilising social media platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter.

CEO of Spencer Ogden, David Spencer-Percival, spoke in an interview with FOX in Houston, USA, the video of which you can view below, and cited Linkedin as a crucial aspect of any jobs seeker’s action plan. Linkedin is the recruitment tool of choice and now has over 225 million users, the majority of which use the website as an online CV; a way to showcase their skills and experience with an extra personal touch, as the page features your photograph and recommendations that your colleagues can write about you. It is incredibly important if you do use these social platforms that you make sure your profile is clean and up to date, as those who view it will instantly begin to shape their opinion of you.

Recruitment companies are also utilising social media to contact and interact with people across the world, and across different time zones, and sites such as Twitter allow you to do this in an incredibly easy and personal way. So many of us are always on the go, and our smartphones are fast becoming the best way for us to connect with so many people so quickly. With an app for everything, you don’t even have to manually search on the internet, you can just download the app you need and the information and links are all there for you at the touch of a screen. For example, the new Spencer Ogden Energy Jobs App allows you to search 1000s of job boards, upload your resume to your personal profile and apply for jobs, all from your smartphone.

This constant channel of communication is the perfect way for recruiters to connect with their candidates, as the world of social media opens recruiters up to a new generation of technology savvy people who have a large web presence and are willing to show it off!

With an average of 46 graduates competing for each job and over 950,000 of 16-24 year olds unemployed, tools such as the VideofyMe app and the Twitter #employme handle allow for this younger generation to market themselves easily and effectively, and usually at no cost!

Social media has become a source of knowledge sharing and interaction, as the lines become more blurred between online engagement and traditional recruitment practices. Although there will always be an element of risk in using social media to promote and communicate, its role within the recruitment industry is fast becoming a crucial one.