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Limerick Generating Station Unit 2 removed for maintenance outage

24 May 2012

Exelon Nuclear has removed the Unit 2 of its Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania, US from service for a planned maintenance outage program.

The maintenance outage will involve replacing two steam relief valves and other essential components of the plant's steam piping system.

Limerick site vice president Russ Kearney said careful and continuous monitoring of plant equipment is essential to reliable operations at Limerick Generating Station.

"This maintenance outage will ensure that we can operate safely and reliably during the peak summer season ahead. Our highly trained team is well prepared to perform the scheduled maintenance and return Unit 2 to service for our customers," Kearney added.

The unit will return to service following the testing and replacing the new components and completion of the maintenance program.

The Limerick Generating Station has two units can produce enough carbon free electricity to light up two million homes.