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Metrum Partners with Exceleron on Smart Grid Payment System

19 Jul 2011

Metrum has integrated its Utiliwise AMI/Smartgrid communications platform with Exceleron’s Prepaid Account Management System. Metrum’s reports that its Utiliwise platform is a “flexible, under-glass, true IP to the endpoint technology that leverages existing public wireless network infrastructure allowing users to strategically deploy endpoints and retrieve data as needed to support advanced programs.” Exceleron’s Prepaid Account Management System (PAMS) is a Web-based application that does not need on-site hardware or software installation.


The combination of UtiliWise and PAMS enables users to create, implement, and manage prepaid accounts. In addition, consumers are provided with a regular flow of accurate information from the meter. According to Metrum and Exceleron, the integration of UtiliWise and PAMS “has created the utility industry’s most cost-effective and rapidly deployable prepaid solution. With this solution, utilities can now launch cost effective prepaid programs prior to deploying full AMI roll-outs.”

Bob Crenshaw, Exceleron Software President and CEO, says, “Exceleron’s PAMS allows utilities to offer prepaid electric services to consumers as an alternative to a traditional billing system, virtually eliminating payment risk. By integrating PAMS with the Utiliwise AMI communications platform, utilities can now manage their prepaid customer accounts, retrieve critical meter data, and execute disconnects and reconnects all from a single, user-friendly, web interface – without investment in additional hardware or communications infrastructure.”

Metrum Technologies President and CEO, Steve Swenke, “Metrum’s Utiliwise platform provides robust, reliable, IP based, communications to utility meters over the Metrum Wireless Network of over 72 CDMA carriers. This means that utilities can rapidly and strategically deploy a pre-payment solution where it generates the greatest value, and without the cost and effort associated with full AMI deployment.”

Metrum Technologies provides integrated wireless M2M solutions for a wide variety of remote connectivity, data acquisition and endpoint automation applications including: utility AMI, smart grid, distribution automation, equipment monitoring and control, public safety, military, and custom wireless solutions.