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NEM USA to supply two HRSGs for power project in US

02 Aug 2012

NEM USA will supply two Benson heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) for the 758MW Panda Temple Power Project which will be located at the Synergy Industrial Park in Texas, US.


Siemens has chosen NEM for this contract to combine the efficiencies of the NEM's HRSGs and Siemens gas turbines, which is expected to result in one of the cleanest fossil-fueled plants in the nation.

NEM's HRSGs, with their supplementary firing characteristic, are claim to be crucial to the advanced characteristics of the Siemens Flex-PlantTM 30 and the natural gas fired combined cycle plant will be able to start power generation within ten minutes of startup.

The Panda Temple Power plant, once completed, will have a gross installed electrical capacity of 758MW, enough to power about 750,000 homes in the Central and North Texas regions.

As of now, South Carolina-based NEM USA has over 60 HRSGs in use in the country, which also include two new DrumPlus quick start HRSGs being constructed at its California site - El Segundo.