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New reactors could slash costs of nuclear power

16 Jul 2013

An increasing number of environmentalists are backing nuclear power for a low carbon energy future that staves off a CO2-induced climate change. Yet some green campaigners who accept the nuclear argument still oppose the technology!

In a new report by the Breakthrough Institute, a number of alternative reactor types are put forward that could produce affordable nuclear power.

Breakthrough explains that the reactors are safer and operate more efficiently, as they can burn nuclear “waste” as fuel, therefore answering the big question of what to do with the waste.

As well as lending themselves to assembly line construction, the safety factor is a big cost advantage because a lot of the costs surrounding nuclear power relate to the extra engineering required to meet safety regulations. Many also operate at high temperatures, which is a good thing for electricity-generating efficiency and for use as a source of industrial process heat, which is one of the great potentials for low-CO2 applications of future nuclear reactors.